WHAT IS B-Unbound?

B-Unbound is a community platform that connects Navigators (youth ages 14-24) with Supportive Adults (age 25+) and peers navigating their way through shared interests. It is youth-driven, adult-supported, and operates in parallel to school systems. It offers real-world engagement with adults and a virtual community of peers using podcasts, YouTube shows and more, to discuss interests and exploration.

As humans, we long for connection, exploration and doing what we love to do. We seek and are drawn to finding meaning in our lives and doing things that matter to ourselves and others. However, many of the current systems surrounding young people are more geared toward compliance, efficiency and regulation. 

Built on over 25-years of research, experience, and success, the B-Unbound platform offers an opportunity to break down the walls which narrowly define human potential and instead create a truly open-source world in which the map of a young person's future is expanded through their interests, the work they put in to get better, and their imagination.






Actively engage with Supportive Adults/mentors around your interests.


Network with peers and explore your interests through YouTube, podcasts & more.


Connect with youth through similar interests and share skills and experiences or be a "connector"! 


Bring B-Unbound to your local community.


Provide financial support to
B-Unbound's overall efforts.