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Program Partners


Big Picture Living is a student-centered, lifestyles-for-learning initiative that addresses an urgent gap in support for students - especially those that struggle under conditions that can upend learning - and disrupt pathways to life-long personal and professional success. In partnership with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Big Picture Living offers trusted resources, research and practical tools to help students and their communities make simple lifestyle choices that will, over time, have dramatic, transformational impact on one’s health, well-being and security.


College Unbound (CU), focuses on adult learners who have faced significant barriers to attending college. CU coordinates courses, field studies, and in-depth project work to help students develop field-specific knowledge and skills that encourage deep learning. CU fills a unique niche in postsecondary education for returning adult learners with a Bachelor’s Degree program designed around an innovative, personalized, interest/project-based curriculum model.

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The Harbor Freight Fellows Initiative (HFFI) is a program that supports youth for whom the trades are the appropriate and chosen post-secondary path to a fulfilling life as a professional and community member - especially those who have been historically marginalized in the trades through race, ethnicity, or gender bias.

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Project InSight is a Big Picture Learning workplace learning initiative that supports deep student engagement in fields related to eye health, vision care, and working with visually impaired populations. Project InSight invites students to become Fellows as they pursue their interests in real-world settings under the guidance of a professional mentor.

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