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Navigator Community

Welcome to the B-Unbound Navigator Community! We've created this space where Navigators are invited to host YouTube shows, podcasts, and more, highlighting their areas of interests with invited guests.

Want to chat real time? Join our Discord server! Available to Youth Navigators upon registration.


The Navigator Community:

  • Provides a platform to share programs developed by youth (ages 14-24)

  • Encourages a group culture, not a selfie culture

  • Spreads positivity and inspiration 

  • Equips youth with tools to take action

Ways to Engage with the Navigator Community


Learn more about what others are doing in your areas of interest.


Produce your own show
and invite guests.


Share your interest/skills with someone who has a show on a related topic.

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Explore the
Navigator Community

Explore the navigator community

Just here to check things out? Below are links to some of the content created by our Navigator community!


Want to collaborate and/or connect with one of our Navigators? CONTACT US

Can’t find what you’re looking for? SUGGEST A TOPIC HERE


The Color of Law Slide Deck .jpg

Created by: The VT Student Anti-Racism Network (Vermont)

Topic: Anti-racism Resources for Teachers


Created by: Big Picture Living Skunk Works​ International

Topic: Chickpea Salad Recipe

Created by: Big Picture Living Skunk Works


Peanut Butter Oat Energy Bites


Featuring: Alejandro (Rhode Island)

Topic: Entrepreneurship - Mobile Detailing

Health & Wellness

Created by: Tirza (Texas)

Topic: The Science of Sleep


Created By: Lin (California)

Topic: Stress Relief


Created By: Zayd(India)


Created By: Zayd(India)



Mental Health

Featuring: Mackenzie (California)

Topic: How Our Industrialized Education System Affects Teenage Mental Health


6 Measures to stay healthy.webp

6 Measures to Stay Healthy

By: Nyneishia


An empty hollow.png

An Empty Hallow

By: Medhavini


Created By: Maddie (Rhode Island)

Podcast Episode 1: Holly Buresh

Created By: Maddie (Rhode Island)

Podcast Episode 2: Alyssa Carron

Working Waterfront

Featuring: Ka'Nye (South Carolina)

Topic: Harbor Freight Fellowship: The Spirit of SC

Featuring: Maddie (Rhode Island)

Topic: Harbor Freight Fellowship: Oliver Hazard Perry

Content Creator

Be a Content Creator

(14-24 years old)

As a Content Creator, you will play an integral role in interest exploration and building a community powered by meaningful relationships!


Here are some things to keep in mind for your submission:

  • Creators must be Navigators (14- 24 years old), no experience necessary! 

  • No explicit language or mature content (target audience of 14-24 year olds).

  • Keep the content focused on the chosen interest, topic, or passion. No ranting or venting.

  • All episodes must feature another person (or persons!) who shares your interest or has expertise - this is about sharing and uplifting others! 

    • Guests who are 25+ years old must sign up as a Supportive Adult for B-Unbound Navigators

  • Have 1 (one) sample episode completed and ready for submission

    • Upload your videos or podcasts to a host site (YouTube, Vimeo, or SchoolTube) and set your permissions to “public”

    • Please test your link to make sure you have successfully uploaded your file and have set permissions to “public”

    • Copy and paste the links on this form.


Once your submission has been reviewed and approved, you will be notified.

Need some inspiration?
Use our Template!

You Can Be Video Template (1).jpg

You Can Be...

Download and make a copy. Then customize by adding text, images and video clips!

See this Example by Lauren

Be A Guest

Be a Guest

Do you have a message, skill or experience that you want to share with other youth? Be featured as a guest by a Content Creator! Create a profile and we’ll share your information with our Content Creators! 

Here are some things to keep in mind as a Guest:

  • Guests may be anyone 14+ years old.

  • No explicit language or mature content (target audience of 14-24 year olds)

  • Keep the content focused on the chosen interest, topic, or passion. No ranting or venting.

Ready to be a Guest? CLICK HERE!

(14+ years old)

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