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  • What is B-Unbound?
    B-Unbound is a way to connect YOU to opportunities both in your community and online. Youth-driven and adult-supported, B-U operates in parallel with schools to give traditional students access to innovative education. What does that mean? You can join B-Unbound in addition to your regular school, and you can explore your interests!
  • How can I participate?
    B-Unbound has both virtual and in-person opportunities. Make sure you sign up HERE. In addition, to having access to our Real World Learning database, you can join our Discord to connect with other Navigators and share things you’ve created or done!
  • How do I use Discord?
    Contact your Co-Navigator to get the invite to the B-Unbound Discord server and check out our tutorial HERE!
  • How do I use the B-Unbound Real World Learning (RWL) Database?
    We’ve got a Real World Learning handbook for Navigators HERE!
  • Does the B-Unbound app track my location?
    The B-Unbound RWL database does not track your location. When you are on the web portal, your IP address is collected the moment you "check in" and the moment you "check out". When you are using the mobile app, B-Unbound pulls the GPS information from your phone at the moment you "check in" and the moment you "check out". Any user can disable location services for any app on their device. The app will still work, but will not report your location when you check in and check out.
  • Is there a mobile app?
    For Navigators, there are native iOS and Android apps. Go HERE to download the iOS app. Go HERE to download the Android app.
  • What if I don’t see any opportunities I'm interested in?
    We think that you should pursue opportunities at places that interest you! If you do not see an internship in your B-Unbound Local Partner's database that is interesting to you, you can always suggest an opportunity. In the search results on Android, iOS and Web, there is a "Suggest Opportunity" button. You can search Google, talk to your friends about your interests, talk to your parents, or talk to your neighbors to try to find a Supportive Adult that you would be interested in learning from. Then click the Suggest Opportunity button to add that Supportive Adult. Your Co-Navigator may approve the suggestion.
  • How are Supportive Adults vetted?
    B-Unbound or the Local Partner conducts background checks for all Supportive Adults prior to connecting them with Navigators. Check with your Co-Navigator for specifics.
  • What is the B-Unbound Real World Learning (RWL) database?
    B-Unbound is a platform that enables communities to curate Real World Learning (RWL) opportunities. Navigators can search based on their interests. Key components of the platform: Navigators can "Request to Pursue" any RWL opportunity they are interested in. These requests go to the Navigator's Co-Navigator for approval. Navigators can, with support of their Co-Navigator, connect with a Supportive Adult. B-Unbound does not automatically connect Navigators with Supportive Adults. Navigators can log attendance at their RWL experiences. The attendance functionality can capture location (IP Address) when they check in/out, if location is enabled.
  • Is there any cost associated with being involved with B-Unbound?
    B-Unbound is available at no cost to Navigators, thanks to our generous funders and grants.
  • There is no B-Unbound Local Partner in our community. Can we still participate?
    Yes! B-Unbound offers a variety of virtual RWL opportunities as well as the Navigator Community on Discord. Although it is preferred that youth Navigators work with locally trained Co-Navigators, youth in regions without a B-Unbound Local Partner can join the B-Unbound National (virtual) group. If you know a local organization that would be a good Local Partner, please send them to the B-Unbound Local Partner site.
  • What types of opportunities can I offer as a Supportive Adult?
    Anything! As our community grows, Navigator interests diversify. Opportunities offered should be engaging and on something you’re knowledgeable about. For suggested ways of engagement, check our Supportive Adult Engagement Menu for some ideas!
  • What is the process for matching youth Navigators to Supportive Adults?
    B-Unbound is Youth Driven, Adult Supported. With the support of a trained Co-Navigator, Navigators can search the B-Unbound RWL database for Supportive Adults. If there is no Supportive Adult that matches the Navigator's area of interest, the Co-Navigator can work with the Navigator to search for an appropriate Supportive Adult locally or virtually.
  • Are matches made with Supportive Sdults in their community only or could matches be remote from anywhere?
    Depending on the nature of the opportunity (in-person or virtual), Navigator matches can either be within the community or remote.
  • If I’m already mentoring, can I still sign up as a Supportive Adult?
    Yes! Supportive Adults of all types and commitment levels are encouraged to sign up as Supportive Adults. You will have the option to decline when you are contacted by a Co-Navigator or Navigator.
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