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Adult Navigators

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B-Unbound is partnering with local organizations to support Adult Navigators. Much like Youth Navigators, Adult Navigators work with Co-Navigators to identify their interests and connect to other adults.


Interests can be work-related or an exploration of curiosities and hobbies. Similar to Youth Navigators, they explore potential opportunities and engage in meaningful commitments based on their individual needs and wants.

International Big Picture Learning Credential (IBPLC)

The International Big Picture Learning Credential is a new, personalized form of assessment. It evaluates and recognizes the capacities, experiences and qualities of secondary school graduates from diverse cultures and backgrounds more comprehensively than exam-based certification systems.

Eighteen universities in Australia signed on to accept students to their preferred full degree programs based on their Big Picture Learning Credential alone. It is now being piloted in the U.S.

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