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Real World Learning

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B-Unbound connects Navigators (youth ages 14-24) with Supportive Adults (age 25+) through real-world experiences. B-Unbound trained adult staff (Co-Navigators) utilize the B-Unbound Real World Learning database to connect youth one-on-one with Supportive Adults in an open format with flexibility for the pair to create the content and timeframe that best suits youth needs. Co-Navigators provide support and authentic human connections on their journeys to find meaning in their lives, helping them tap into their unique purpose and direction, through school and beyond.

Supportive Adults are anyone who a youth Navigator connects with along their journey for an experience aligned with their interest such as skill building, an informational interview or shadow day. B-Unbound is youth driven, adult supported, and operates in an out-of-school environment to complement in-school experiences.

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International Big Picture Learning Credential (IBPLC)

The International Big Picture Learning Credential is a new, personalized form of assessment. It evaluates and recognizes the capacities, experiences and qualities of secondary school graduates from diverse cultures and backgrounds more comprehensively than exam-based certification systems.

Eighteen universities in Australia signed on to accept students to their preferred full degree programs based on their Big Picture Learning Credential alone. It is now being piloted in the U.S.

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